MAD Chimney Cowls

Metal Anti Downdraught Cowls (MAD). These are top of the range UK manufacturers and one of the most popular today on the Irish Market.

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  • Mad avanced anti downdraught cowl Image

    Advanced Anti Downdraught Cowl

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  • bird rain cowl stainless steel image

    Stainless Steel Rain Bird Cowl

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  • Anti Downdraft Flexi Pot Hanger

    Stove Cowl for Flexible Flue Liners

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  • Save 5.00! Capping Cowl Image

    Capping Cowl for Unused Chimneys

    29.99 24.99
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  • Save 10.01! Rain Cowl Solid Fuel Image

    Chimney Rain Hat

    40.00 29.99
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  • Save 10.00! Anti Down Draught Cowl Image

    Anti Downdraught Chimney Cowl

    59.99 49.99
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  • Save 10.00!

    Anti Downdraught Stainless Steel

    99.99 89.99
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  • Save 15.00! Spinning Cowl Image

    Spinner Cowl

    145.00 130.00
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