Rain Cowl

Solid Fuel Rain Cowl

This is a simple and cost effective guard against rain for solid fuel fires.This guard comes in a Stainless Steel and a Terracotta finish.It provides protection from rain, snow, sleet and animals.



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Anti Down-Draught Cowl

The most popular anti downdraght cowl in the Mad range.

It also provides protection from rain, snow, sleet and animals.

This cowl comes in natural aluminium, black, terracotta and a buff finish.

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Spinner Cowl

Spinning Cowl

This cowl is designed to increase the up draw and reduce draft on windy days.
It provides protection from puff-downs,  draught, rain, snow, sleet and animals.increase the up draw and reduce draft on windy days.This cowl comes in black, stainless steel, terracotta and buff finishes.
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Capping Cowl

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This cap is designed to close off unused chimney flues.

It’s simple yet unique designs allows it to sit on top of the flue pot preventing animal, weather and wind entry.

Its legs allow you to adjust the cap for ventilation manually as required.

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H Cowl For Re-liners

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The H Cowl is the ultimate protection for downdraght and blow backs.

This unique cowl is one of the longest running and most successful cowls for combating downdraght caused by a low chimney stack.

It comes in Stainless Steel and Matt black (optional) and will fit a twin wall insulated flue and flexi flues.

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O H-Cowl For Chimney Pots

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The O H-Cowl is the recommend cowl for blow backs in a fire place. Normally caused by low chimney stacks and obstructions around the chimney pot and winds are blowing in a certain direction.

This cowl is strap fitted and hand made from 316 stainless steel. It comes with a 60 Day money back guarantee and three year warranty. Available in Matt black upon request.Buy Now Image

Flue Liner Cowl

This is now the most suitable cowl for flexible flue liner kits when installing stoves. Main Advantages are: Stops overdrawing on windy days, Stops rain entry even in storms, Seals the rest of the flue from rain entry, Secures to the flexi flue liners, Keeps the flexi flue liner centre of chimney, Cowl does not move are vibrate in wind conditions, Prevents bird entry, Straps with stainless steel duplyclips to flue .

Rain hat

The very basic but essential rain cowl from the MAD range. This cowl is the most basic cowl every household should have. Rain and animal protection is vital for the safe use of any chimney weather solid fuel or gas - get yours today!

Anti Downdraught Cowl

Top Cap's most popular cowl for combating anti downdraught and excessive draw caused by wind on normal chimney stacks. This cowl also comes with the added benefit of rain and bird protection and is strap fitted.

O H-Cowl

The ultimate cowl for low chimney stacks that causes severe downdraught and blow backs in your fireplace or stove. This cowl fits standard 8 inch chimney pots, and comes with a money back guarantee that it will solve your problem.

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