How To Prevent Heat Loss

Did you know the average house losses 20% of its heat through the chimney?


chimney heat loss

Heat loss accrues because your chimney is designed as an extractor. As cold air passes over the chimney flue, this causes a vacuum effect sucking air from the inside of your house. If you have just one unused chimney and an open fire place in your home, you are losing an average of €150 a year on your annual heating bill.


The only way to prevent heat loss via your unused chimney is to install a cap on top of the flue.

The Flue Pot Plug is the only cap available on the Irish market that is 100% heat resistant and prevents heat loss. The thermal image to right clearly displays how a standard house can lose heat via your chimney.


How Chimney Flue Plugs Prevents Heat Loss


Heat loss diagram

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